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1Well protected

4 wheels are twice as good as 2. Two times more stable, an aluminium chassis and thermoformed bodywork to absorbe minor impacts and better protect the occupants.

2Drive easy

The entire AIXAM range is equipped with an automatic gear box (drive and reverse) and 2 pedals (accelerator and brake)

3See clearly

The generous front and rear windshields and windows offer exceptional panoramic vision and the large wing mirrors reduce blind spots. Automobile headlamps with dipped-beam and main beam headlights and front fog lamps ensure great visibility whatever the weather, both day and night.

4Be seen

LED daytime running lights, third brake light, indicator lights integrated into wing mirrors to better signal changes in direction... Equipment that ensures that you are easily seen in the traffic.

5Buckle up

The 3-point safety belts secure the occupants during a collision and protect them by reducing the force of the impact. 

6Hold the road

The 4 independent wheels guarantee optimum road-holding. Only AIXAM equips its vehicles with a brake limiter for better stability and handling. The cross-action breaking system ensures the best stability on the market and requires less effort on the pedal.

7In control

AIXAM is the only no-licence car manufacturer to offer an ABS option*. In tha case of emergency braking, the ABS pevents the wheels from blocking. The trajectories are controlled and the risk of skidding is reduced, whatever the weather conditions.

8Warm inside

Windshield, windscreen wipers, heating, defrosting, air-conditioning all contribute to occupants' comfort and enable the driver to concentrate on the job in hand for trouble-free driving.

9Stay connected

The touchscreen tablets with Bluetooth connection ensure that manoeuvres are simple and safe thanks to the reversing camera. Listen to music, telephone hands-free, obtain intineraries... all the while staying concentrated on your driving.

10Drive responsibly

Ease yourself into driving gently - because no-licence cars are limited to 45km/h - and familiarise yourself with road traffic safety so that you are better prepared for passing your driving test.